Well How About That!

Posted 3/17/16

Well How About That!

Hello all you Radiophiles!.. It’s been a while! Today I came across a great article online and really got my ears perked. Now, I myself am a huge As I Lay Dying fan, so when I heard the news their singer Tim was going to jail for the alleged hire to kill plot against his estranged wife, I have to say I was pretty bummed. Not just because of why he was being locked up, but because it made me wonder what would happen to As I Lay Dying.

Since his arrest his former bandmates went on to form the band WovenWar, which is amazing by the way, but the article states that Tim has been released from prison this week on the fact that he won a powerlifting contest in the wreck yard. Apparently California prisons are so overpopulated that competitions like that can grant inmates early release. Do you think that is insane or would it just depend on the infraction of the inmate? Either way, I am on pins and needles to see what new music endeavors he starts on next!

Until next time Radiophiles…. keep on rockin! \m/ \m/


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