So how close is “too” close?

Posted 6/28/2015

So how close is “too” close?

Hello all you beautiful patrons of rock n roll!…Mr. Mike here, and for the longest time, a question has been buzzin’ around my head and I’d like your thoughts on it. So if you’re not shy, feel free to leave your response. If not, then ponder this in your heads….  It doesn’t take rocket science to know that every artist whether a musician, actor, painter, singer, etc, draws inspiration from another artist – but sometimes that inspiration can be used for evil.

Let’s take music for example, because that’s the one that I often wonder about the most on this. You’ve undoubtedly heard of a band that has a very unique sound, and grown to like them a lot. Over time, you’ve probably heard of a newer band that has a very similar sound to that first band and let’s say you like them as well. How close would you draw the line before you say that 2nd band is just completely ripping off the sound of the first band? Its interesting because while there’s always some way to make yourself (as a band) stand out from the rest, yet still, so many artists draw their inspiration from another artist/group and it’s inevitable that you may start hearing some very similar characteristics within the music. Don’t get me wrong, I know I draw my inspiration from various artists because I know I’d love to be like them. But at the same time, I also try to morph it into a unique sound all my own.

One of the other factors that I think plays into this is to consider how much of a following one band has from another? If a band is a super well-known and established act, it’s almost like even if they produce something that sounds identical to another band, they will still be given the seal of approval because that’s how much their fans are die hard fans for their music. Anywho, that’s just something that I’ve always pondered and still have yet to find an exact answer……maybe there isn’t one. So what would you say? Where is the line drawn on artists trying to be similar to another artist before it’s just too close. Side note: cover bands don’t count in this debate. 😉

Rock on all you Radiophiles!  \m/


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