RaDIUM’s Kickstarter is Live!

Posted 9/28/15

RaDIUM’s Kickstarter is Live!


Faux Kickstarter Image

That’s right, you can now pre-order our upcoming album. In fact, it would be hugely helpful if you did. With Kickstarter we have to raise all the money we put down as our goal or we don’t get any of the money. All or nuttin’!

Some people have asked, “Why didn’t you go with a crowd-funding platform that allows you to take whatever money you do happen to raise?” And that’s a great question. If we were to only raise $2000 of our $7000 goal (which I hope won’t happen!) we would still be stuck having to send out the rewards we promised, but with way less money to do it. This way, if we don’t reach our goal all money is refunded and we start all over (which I also hope won’t happen).

So please take a moment to check out our campaign.

We’ve got some pretty awesome RaDIUM swag to give out as rewards (t-shirts and cds and stickers, oh my!) and even private concerts if you feel so inclined.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you could share this campaign with your friends and family. The more views and pledges we get, the higher we rank on the Kickstarter page itself.

Thanks so much for all the awesome support!

Keep on rockin’!


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