Ha!.. Metal ain’t all bad!

Posted 4/9/16

Ha!.. Metal ain’t all bad!

So while conversing with a friend who has always been a metal head such as myself, we started talking about the effects of heavy metal in particular and what we thought it does to a person. This kinda came up because of a lot of the stereotypical ideas that it will only drive people insane or that it’s a terrible thing. I for one don’t buy into that for a second. In my opinion, heavy music is actually quite enjoyable and to an extent, therapeutic. Granted, not all will agree, which is fine, but upon further research, I did come across a particularly interesting video in regards to that.

Now of course, everyone has their own preference of music which is totally fine. Not everyone cares for that heavy sound or intense vocal style. But check out this video about the studies on the effects of heavy metal and the human brain. Kinda helps to open up a whole new light on the stereotype about metal.



Until next time Radiophiles, keep rockin!  \m/ \m/


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