Different Doesn’t Mean Wrong

Posted 4/8/2015

Different Doesn’t Mean Wrong

This one is aimed a little more towards our fellow musicians, but the ideas apply to any creative venture. It boils down to this – there is no one right way to do things and just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I would actually argue that the opposite is true, in order to be original and innovative you need to be different in some way.

Here’s the backstory: Anyone who has seen us play live probably noticed that Mike and myself (Trevor) switch guitars pretty often. This isn’t just to show off all of our cool gear (our gear is pretty bad ass though…), each guitar is tuned differently to allow us to play different songs. This is where things get a little different, Mike and I are often playing on guitars in different tunings, for example Mike’s guitar is in dropped C and I’m in your standard EADGBE. We do this for a few reasons that I’ll explain another time, and we understand that it is out of the ordinary, but we have been told that this is wrong and we are wrong and we cannot sound good like this… Well I don’t buy it and if someone says something like this to you, you shouldn’t either!

We can’t just copy what those before us did, everything would be pretty boring if we did. Take what you like and make it your own, and don’t be afraid to try new and different things in the process.


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