But how does that make you feeeeel?

Posted 5/7/2015

But how does that make you feeeeel?

Ah yes, the age old question asked by psychiatrists for decades. But on that note, have you ever put any thought into it and noticed how music makes you feel? Maybe it’s a particular genre that does it for you? Or maybe something else?…

Music is one of those things that has the natural ability to take you from one mood to another with a single song. Some songs make you wanna dance, others make you bummed out and start thinking about dark times in your life. Some make you wanna rock out and play air guitar, and some just make you wanna sit back, smoke & have a drink! (The last two are my favorites, haha). Come to think of it, depending on who I’m listening to, I can hit each one of those stages within a whole album.

Crap…I’m getting sidetracked again. Focus Mike, focus! If you’re like most, you probably have a preferred genre of music.. but just for something to try, next time you’re in a less than preferable mood, throw on some music you wouldn’t normally listen to and see what it does for you. The results may be surprising. And if you like all music genres, then this probably won’t do anything for you. But good for you! Being multi-cultural in music is a great thing. But yeah, just something to ponder.

Rock on Radiophiles! \m/

– Mike

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